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Educational leadership embraces a collaborative approach in which every stakeholder shares the responsibility of educating our youth to ensure that high levels of achievement and opportunity are  possible for ALL children.  

Every person involved in the life of a student has  a direct impact on that student’s preparation for society and their future.  Integrating research-based strategies, technology innovation, data-based decision-making, and global readiness skills into learning via a viable curriculum is an essential but monumental task that must be accomplished for the success of our future generations. 

It is my belief that no matter what our individual roles are in this process, we must be dedicated educators and lifelong learners committed to opening as many doors as possible for our young people.  This collaborative effort will prepare them to become contributing members of a rapidly changing global society.

"We should be preparing children for a world we are yet to see."

Asst. Comm. Research and Tech

Check out a few of the books that I am currently reading or studying.  Continue to READ to become a better educator and leader.

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